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Hi. I am Carly and I am a college student at Virginia Tech. I am currently studying Biological Systems Engineering. This subject really spoke to me because of my interests in science and math from a hands on perspective. My goal after college is to go to veterinary school and eventually open my own practice. I am excited for the hands on opportunity that engineering allows. I am excited to really work on real life problems in the biological, chemical, and agricultural fields. Life is all about learning something. Whether you are in high school, in college, or working, you are always trying to learn something new. With knowledge and learning comes passion. The ambition of learning led us to America and it led us to the moon. Where will it lead you?

I hope you learn something from the many subjects discussed on my blog. Remember KEEP CALM AND LEARN ON.

If you would like to reach me, use the following information:

Carly Baumann, bcarly24@vt.edu Baumann, C resume

Carly Baumann


B.S., Biological and Systems Engineering, expected graduation: May 2018 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA

High School Diploma, June 2014. Notre Dame High School, Belmont, CA.


Animal related service

Exotics Volunteer | Humane Society | April 2014-August 2014

  • Handling and caring for exotic animals. Jobs include feeding, cleaning cages, cleaning wounds, giving medications/injections. 65 hours of service

Wildlife volunteer | Humane society | May 2014-august 2014

  • Handling and caring for wildlife animals. Jobs include Feeding every 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or hour, cleaning cages, general caring for squirrels and birds, force feeding, and giving medications. 45 hours of service.

Sahdowing veterinarian | Laurelwood vet | febuary 2013-march 2014

  • Observing small animal checks ups including injections and minor surgeries.

Dog volunteer | humane society | decmeber 2010-Febuaray 2012

  • Responsibilities included cleaning enclosures and walking dogs. 51 hours of service.

Other Organizations/ Programs

Adventures in Veterinary Medicine program (Tufts University) | July 2013-August 2013

  • Shadowed 4th-year veterinarian students, medical seminars, and hands-on classes. Dissected dog, observed horse surgery, and observed the animal hospital experience

San Mateo Medical Center | September 2012

  • Helped at Hepatitis B Awareness Presentation

Hotchkiss Summer Environmental Science Program | July 2010-August 2010

  • Learning about the environment and performing nature experiments and activities

Office Assistant | Notre Dame High School | August 2012-December 2012

  • Work in my high schools office, which taught communication skills and basic office skills.

Walk for life| January 2013

  • Walk two-miles in support of pro-life San Francisco.

Montgomery County Humane Society Snack Bar | September 2014

  • Took orders and acted as cashier for a home Virginia Tech football game to raise money for the Montgomery County Humane Society Animal Shelter

Color Me Rad Volunteering | October 2014

  • Threw colored powder at people who were running in the Color Me rad race to raise money to provide meals for children around the world

Job Experience

Assistant in Sales| Balius Wines | June 2013-August 2013

  • Oversaw and restocked inventory and updated retail customers’ wine stock

Sales Associate | Gap INC. | September 2012-January 2013

  • Cashier and costumer service at Old Navy. Gained leadership and communication skills

Babysitting | Family | December 2010-August 2013

  • Caring and supervising children ages: 5 months- 7 years o


Emerging Scientists Award (2014)

Chemistry Achievement Award (2012)

Modern World History Department Award (2012)


4 Responses to About me

  1. Hannah R says:

    Oh my gosh Carly, I remember that picture from the beginning of the year. I think we were studying plants. Your welcome page is very profound and inspirational- I love your colorful motto.

  2. serenagh says:

    Peer Review of you site over all:
    I love how your blog has come together, despite any doubts you might have had at the beginning of the year. The individual blog posts are each creative, all include pictures. I’m glad you included the entire interview with Dr. Baumann. Because of the way your template works, all the posts are attached, which gives me a sense of reading though a type of storyline, with each individual blog post as a sort of snapshot along the way. Very creative prezi, and your diagrams on the lab reports under projects are detailed and engaging, explaining the concept really well to the target audience. I think each blog post does a great job of showcasing your voice. I love the jokes and the humor you include throughout, whether it be in the nature and nurture memes at the beginning or the science humor post you chose to do. It really reflects your voice. I love that how under each projects, you offer an explanation of what it is about. Your presentations are creative, and thanks for teaming up with me on the Meiosis project. I love your style, keep up the great work.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with Serena’s comments about your creativity, style, and humor. Your website is incredible! I know you didn’t imagine you could create something like this at the beginning of the year. Little did you know you were and Emerging Techie!

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