Flow Response

Flow the movie

After reading both the articles, I thought it was kinda funny. It sounded like they were arguing with each other. I thought it was kind of ironic how Nestle was talking about how if they didn’t bottle the water people would drink soda which is full of sugar and would make children obese. I think its ironic that they say that they are helping to lower obesitywhen they sell candy and chocolate which causes obesity. They say that they treat Michigan with respect, but if they were there wouldn’t be so many people against it and they wouldn’t have continued draining while they were in court. I liked the film it was very informative. It did make me a little nervous for our future. Especially because it said California is going to run out of water in about twenty years. I think we do need to treat water better because we are the only specie that destroys water this bad. We are also the only ones that make profit on something necessary to live. I understand paying for the plastic and what it costs to get the water to your house or stores, but I think its stupid that companies are making money on something they have no right to own. I also liked one of the points another girl in our class made. She said she does not know who really to believe because both sides say something else. I think I would believe the people over a big time company like Nestle and Coca Cola. This was definitely a tricky topic. Because its a question of whether someone can profit off of something they can’t really own. Like I said before, I think the only cost should be what it cost to bottle and get the water. I don’t think they should add taxes and fees so that a company can make money. Especially people who didnt do anything but hire people to set up the draining systems.

I hope you learned something about the movie Flow and the debate about water for profit or water for all. Remember KEEP CALM AND LEARN ON.

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4 Responses to Flow Response

  1. Laura says:

    That video sounds like it had a lot of information in it. When people talk about global warming and future climate problems, they usually mention that we will be running out of water, but specifics aren’t usually provided. I think it is interesting that large companies like Nestle are trying to take advantage of the water shortage, and are selling it for profit.

  2. Stephanie says:

    This is an interesting take on water….. this really leads into a bigger discussion of the relationship between government & big business. Yes, companies are profiting on their “distribution of water” which is essential to life. However, government made this possible. People in CA do have a “choice”, not to purchase bottled water & use the tap (which someone is paying for also), but at the expense of taste & quality. Companies like Nestle are giving you a better tasting product, which like most of us choose vs. the gross taste of tap water, especially here in CA. We pay the profit for the luxury.

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