Aquarius! An amazing underwater research facility. It is actually currently the ONLY aquarius1underwater research facility. It is 5 miles off of Key Largo, Florida, 60 feet under water. It is strapped to the sea floor and is about the size of a school bus. Aquarius allows scientists to stay under water for weeks at a time, instead of just a few hours if they were just diving. Aquarius contains an air supple for multiple days, but is supplied constantly by the “life support buoy.” There are kitchens, beds, shower, and work stations in Aquarius. This trip isn’t easy and only selected people can go down there. Scientists need almost a week of training before going down to the habitat.

There is a lot of importance in the under sea facility. NASA even trains their astronauts in Aquarius. Researchers have been working on many projects. For example, they are researching the affects of over fishing on coral reefs. They are also observing sponges and diver-108880_150corals to figure out how to grow coral so they can replant it in areas that coral have been disappearing.

I really enjoyed the lecture from the people involved in Aquarius. One way they could have improved the lecture was if it was more interactive. We were able to ask questions however we were not the only people involved in the online video conference, so a lot of our questions did not get answers. Also at times it seemed like they were only answering the easy questions. A question I still have is, what affect has Aquarius had with putting a foreign object into the ocean floor? I think it would be interesting to experience the life on Aquarius. I think it might feel weird for me basically living in a submarine for a couple of weeks.

If you would like to check out more on Aquarius, the link to their website is

I hope you learned something about Aquarius and their mission to explore more about the ocean. I hope this has maybe sparked an interest for you to learn more about this underwater facility. Remember to KEEP CALM AND LEARN ON.

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3 Responses to Aquarius

  1. Great post! Very informative and interesting. I agree with your suggestions as well. One grow = be sure that your link to info for Aquarius works 🙂

  2. Hannah R says:

    Hi Carly, nice post on Aquarius and good information. I agree with you i wish it was more interactive and we were able to ask more questions.

  3. nrossi says:

    This was a great lecture. I do agree with you that they seemed to avoid some questions that were constantly asked. I would have loved to know what effects Aquarius has on the ocean as well.

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