KQED: #DoNowPredator: Should We Kill One Species to Save Another?

There are many cases un which new species of plants and animals are introduced to new environments. This introduction can affect the current species in that given habitat. The introduced species can whip out entire species of native plants and animals. When those species become extinct, other species are affected by the loss of those plants and animal. There are many factors that this can affect such as: a food supply is gone, other species overpopulate the area because they are not getting killed off, unnatural build up of

The Barred Owl

The Barred Owl

chemicals if the plant or animal was responsible for removing something from the area, and there are many other consequences. One way to help ease the burden is to allow hunting of the species that is taking over the new environment, which in this case is the barred owl. This owl will not just affect the native northern spotted owl, the barred owl will alter the entire ecosystem.
The Northern Spotted Owl

The Northern Spotted Owl

By allowing hunting of the barred owls, people are less likely to hunt the endangered owls because there will be a different owl they can legally hunt. Also the hunting will decrease the amount of barred owls in that habit and allow the northern spotted owls to make a recovery. However when talking about removing a species there is the argument about if these reasons are good enough to destroy a species. The intruding species was inserted by human means, this gives us an obligation to protect the owls we put in danger. Maybe not by killing all the owls but reducing the amount of owls by removing or hunting the animals out of the invaded area.
Check out the full article at http://blogs.kqed.org/education/2014/02/04/invasive-species-predator-kill/

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  1. I like the poll at the end! Maybe you can try making the images line up with the text to make it flow better? Otherwise great post 😀

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