Science Humor

10245531_807851949235818_7668957278524999759_nThis picture is for Mother’s Day. The picture says, “you gave me something dad never could…” and shows a picture of mitochondrial DNA. No matter who you are, everyone gets there mitochondrial DNA from their mothers. With diseases found in mitochondrial DNA, the disease can only passed if they disease is in the mothers DNA. The disease can get passed to a son if the mother has this disease. However, the son can not pass the disease to his offspring. However mitochondrial DNA usually does not mutate and cause a disease. In fact this is responsible for creating the energy you use.



This picture has to do with cell membranes. Cell membranes have hydrophilic heads and hydrophobic tails. This means that the heads “love water” and the tails “fear water.” The heads have to tolerate water because the outside and inside of the cells have lots of water. So the “membrane prank” is that one of the tails is spraying water at the others, which is causing them to try and get away.

This picture is one of my favorites because the little retrovirus is so cute. Retroviruses are virus-retrovirus-scidifferent from regular viruses. Viruses have DNA or RNA as their genetic material. They must bind to a healthy cell. By binding to the cell, the virus can make the cell transcribe the viruses DNA or RNA. Retroviruses carry reverse transcription and can transcribe there own genetic material. This is faster and less accurate. That means that the “offspring” of the retroviruses can have different genes then the “parent” virus. An example of a retrovirus is HIV.

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3 Responses to Science Humor

  1. serenagh says:

    Science jokes are so much fun when you understand them! Thanks for sharing your bio knowledge with us in explaining these jokes. The mitochondrion one will always be my favorite, and it brings up fun memories from class.

  2. Hannah R says:

    This is so cute. I love the mitochondrion one because that is actually a really good joke for mother’s day. What’s cool is you actually need to know some biology to get these jokes- except the virus one.

  3. These are hysterical and the perfect addition to your blog! Thanks for sharing the humor 🙂

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