The WordPress Experience

When I first started wordpress, I was really frustrated with the new template. I have never had a blog before. I also felt really behind because I never had much experience with technology other then google and email. I had to watch many videos learning how to set up templates and different techniques. After about a week, I was helping other students with their blogs. I have gained a lot of knowledge of this site and technology in general from this experience.

Looking back at all my old posts is very interesting. This is like a reminder of the past year. All the different topics we covered, including all the#DoNow topics. I also looked at all the old movies we wrote about. The two movies we saw were Flow and Cracking the Code of Life. Rereading the posts reminded me about the importance of water and how we are not that genetically different from other organisms. There were also posts about the projects we researched and made reports for. Hannah and my project about Hemophilia took me back to first semester.

My favorite part of looking back was looking at all the old field trips we took to the Palo Alto Marsh and to the Moss Beach field study location. My favorite field trip was the Moss Beach field trip. I will talk more on the feedback of AP Bio.

All in all Im glad I got to do a wordpress because it was a new and exciting experience. I recommend that the future ap bio classes take a bio class as well.

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3 Responses to The WordPress Experience

  1. serenagh says:

    It was definitely frustrating to try to make a blog work out, especially in the first couple of tries. I love going back to check out the past, especially getting to look at it from a classmate’s perspective- thanks for sharing.

  2. Hannah R says:

    Carly you really didn’t like the idea of technology, and although at times it seems like a drag you don’t regret doing. It’s like when I’m on a trip and my dad keeps taking pictures. I think it is very annoying, but I am glad I have those pictures to look back on those moments.

  3. I am so proud of your determination to not only learn WordPress, but also the other (many many) tools we used. One of my favorite memories of this year was learning that you had helped Lisa learn how to make her website. I was so impressed by the confidence you had gained. You have so many great skills that will take you far.

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