Whats Up With AP Bio?

At first, I wasn’t sure if I made the right decision in joining this class. I thought this would be another boring Biology class. I learned that there was much more then just reading a text book. There was many different aspects that made this a unique class, but I am going to reflect on three: labs, field trips, and the people.

The labs were very fun, especially when we did not have to write a lab write up. I know that the write ups are apart of the labs, but it was more interesting without the stresses of the write up. I really enjoyed he pig dissection because this gave us a chance to look at the body system. It was interesting how similar the body structure of the pig was to the human body system. Another lab I really enjoyed was the pGlo lab. (Even though the project afterward was really hard.) I liked how we used different petri dishes to determine the exact reason the bacteria was glowing or growing. You can take a better look at the pGlo, pig dissection, or other labs in the other blog and lab posts.

The field trips was a fun way to get out of the class room and learn about the environment. My favorite field trip was when we went to the Moss Beach field study. By that time, we knew each other pretty well. It was nice to hang out with friends and learn a little about the environment. The only downside was that it was freezing and wet. However, even the project about the marsh was fun. We counted organisms and took great pictures. All in all, it was a great experience.

When I first joined the class, I wasn’t really friends with any of the girls, I knew most of them, but I never talked to them before. It turned out that the people I didn’t know or had never talked to, became the girls that I always talk to in the halls, online, or text. I text Serena and Nicole almost every day. I talk to Hannah and Lisa when I pass them in the hall. Even though I meet this girls for the first time in Biology class, we have all become very good friends. I am upset that now I will be going to college and will be so far away. However, I know that we will meet up during breaks and text or email (because Hannah does not have a phone or Facebook) constantly. 

AP Biology was so much more then a class. For all the future students reading or watching this, I have one major piece of advice for you. Take advantage of every opportunity that this class offers you. You might not get these opportunities again. Even though you might only know these girls from this one class for this one year, you will be seeing them everyday. Get to know them and find your good friends. I know you will rock this class next year. Good luck.

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2 Responses to Whats Up With AP Bio?

  1. Hannah R says:

    Carly your reflection is very thorough. I agree with you, I did enjoy the labs more when there wasn’t a write-up.

  2. Such great advice, Carly! I really like how your video was you sharing with your audience and I loved getting to see Tyson 🙂

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