How I was raised

I come from parents and grandparents who are very successful, and most of them work in the sciences. My grandfather was a successful chemist, my mom is a nurse and my dad is an accomplished vascular surgeon. He also thinks he knows everything about everything.

When I was little, I took my dad’s word as fact. He was older so he must know what he was talking about. However, as I grew, I learned he wasn’t right all the time. On my own, I started investigating questions I didn’t agree with him about. Then I started speaking up to defend my position. I didn’t want him to think he knew everything. There were things I knew and he didn’t.

Now my dad and I have an ongoing competition; we constantly debate. Many days when I come home from school, I will mention some fact I learned. After he tells me I am incorrect, we set out to prove the other wrong. Just like him, I am unwilling to back down. These fights make me want to learn more, because the more I know, the better I can outsmart my father.

Just like the rest of my family, I want to pursue a career in the sciences. In this competitive field, it is important to be able to stand my ground and defend my views. After all this practice with my dad I know I will be strong enough to handle intellectual debates while working collaboratively with others.

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