Me and Sports

I have played tennis, volleyball, and softball throughout high school, both on my school teams and for clubs as well. Sports allows me to make use of my competitive side, as well as spend my excess energy. I have ADHD and after working out I am always more focused academically.

I also enjoy the team aspect and have built great friendships on all of my sports teams–sharing our passion for athletics and supporting one another. It is fun to improve my skills, while also working cooperatively with others. For example in tennis, there is no way for my partner to read my mind; I have to tell her what I am thinking and together we can create better strategies. This ability has also helped me work better with people in my school and work environments. In college I plan to stay actively involved in athletics, whether in intramurals or competitively.

When I am passionate about something I work hard at it, so receiving recognition for my efforts has been particularly meaningful for me during high school. I only began tennis junior year, starting on JV and making my way to varsity. But by the end of that season I was named Most Improved and won the Coaches Award senior year.

In college I have maintained my active lifestyle. Every tuesday, I do Pilates and every thursday, spin classes. I also play walleyball with my friends at least once every other week. This has allowed me to stay active, control my ADHD, and meet new people.

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